How We Began

Off Their Plate was born over breakfast, where most good ideas originate. By dinner, Natalie Guo brought on two of Boston’s top chefs: Tracy Chang (PAGU) and Ken Oringer (Little Donkey, Toro, Uni, Coppa) and our first hospital: Brigham and Women’s.

Our work is powered by a coalition of socially-minded restaurant owners, hospital leaders, community organizers, passionate private citizens, and generous donors. If you would like to join our effort or contribute in a creative way, please email

How It Works


Pledge Dollars

Off Their Plate is fully powered by volunteers, so that 100% of dollars raised are directed to local communities.


Revive Restaurants

We direct funds to partner restaurants so they may continue to employ their staff and equip them to meet COVID-informed food prep protocols.


Prepare Meals

Restaurants cook up delicious, nutritious meals for our communities in crisis.


Provide Relief

>50% of meal cost committed to economic relief for local restaurant shift workers.


Deliver Meals

OTP works directly with hospitals and community centers to schedule deliveries, adhering to strict sanitation and distancing guidelines.

Feed Communities

Your dollars feed healthcare staff and provide a lifeline to food insecure families during this crisis.

Our Principles

Humility and inclusive collaboration.

We are a grassroots team dedicated to supporting frontline workers who come from and serve the communities most impacted by COVID-19. We are partner-first; their expertise underpins our work and philosophy. We build in feedback processes and continuously incorporate their insights into how we operate. We are curious about what we don’t know, never assume we have the answers, and treat everyone with respect, kindness, and dignity.

Economic justice.

One hundred percent of our funds go directly into the communities we serve. We don’t pursue transactional engagements. We build deep relationships and support our restaurant partners’ lasting sustainability. We are proud to provide economic relief to some of the highest need workers employed by small businesses in our communities, and we focus on independent, women- and minority-owned restaurant partners.

Local OTP-team empowerment.

We empower our Off Their Plate city teams with authority and accountability. While we provide overarching principles and resources to help, we know that local needs vary. We provide tools for teams to map, track, and evaluate decisions based on their on-the-ground knowledge.

Equity and impact.

We prioritize serving under-resourced facilities and underserved populations, and define frontline workers broadly to include clinical and non-clinical staff who put their lives at risk to facilitate the care of others. “Frontline” for us includes security guards, patient transportation staff, and janitorial teams, as well as physicians, nurses, and other clinical workers.


Worker health and well-being is top of mind. With our partners, we have co-authored comprehensive safety standards, including workplace social distancing, sanitation, and alternative transportation methods.

Thoughtful, high-quality action.

We are responsible actors, who are both resourceful and diligent. We are motivated by the potential (and now real) impact of our collective effort during this time. Our aim is to scale responsibly and achieve equitable, community-driven outcomes.


We are accountable to our values and will not cut corners in favor of greater efficiency, funding, or status. We document and share our work to drive transparent and responsible process, and balance our partners’ expertise with systems-level data to inform and adapt our decision-making.

Our Crew

The cause is spearheaded by Natalie Guo with generous support and leadership from a coalition of like-minded individuals who have come from: